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What should I take?

What lasts the longest? 
orplastic? Is that harmful?

prosthetics or dentures
is more than just "TECHNIQUE"...
Every single tooth is as individual as we all are as human beings.
We try to take this fact into account


you are not a number to us

.The challenge for dentistry in the future will be how we can ensure the care of older, fit patients as well as those in need of care.




German Society for Geriatric Dentistry DGAZ

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Prothetische Zahnmedizin und Biomaterialien 



professional through experience.
Over 25 years..

that's something.



for good prosthetics you should invest a lot of time in the foundation!

Sometimes that's a long way.

We will accompany you


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Beispiel-arbeiten zum Anfassen 

Whoever wants to build tall towers

must stay at the foundation for a long time



Anton Bruckner

we build too many walls and not enought bridges

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